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Old world elegance is not a thing of the past. It can still be found in these beautiful Vintage patio sets that date back to the 1940's. We have several original sets to choose from, Some from France, others from Argentina.

Each  set is complete and ready for use.  


  • French bistro sets from 1930s

  • Argentina patio sets 1940s

  • Domestic patio sets 1950s

  • Benches Teak, Iron, Cast Stone

  • Cut stone Benches

  Estate Furniture.


      Charming &

     Built to last


Add ageless, timeless charm with these garden and patio bistro sets. All original and ready for you to take home.

French 1930's Bistro Set

Cast stone tables add elegance and durablity to any environment  that cannot be duplicated with alternate materials. With a variety of shapes avaliable , round, square and rectagle finding the  perfect table  size and shape for any given location could not be easier.

French Bistro Set 1930's Elegant Earth Round Table

European Vintage Elegance

Cast Stone Tables